1. How is the ICE PACK™ Emergency Sustainment System (ESS) different from a survival kit?

The ESS is a comprehensive approach to sustainment vs. survival during a disaster. Various emergencies and disaster events require more than just supplies thrown into a box or pack and called a survival kit. Disasters occur at any time of the day or night, and can go on from three days to a week or more! It would be nice to think that much of everything you’ll need to sustain yourself or your business during a disaster would fit in a single box or pack, but that’s not realistic.

2. How long can I store the ICE PACK™ Emergency Sustainment System?

The Emergency Sustainment Systems are shelf stable for up to five years, except for selected components (i.e. over the counter [OTC] medications). Prolonged extreme storage temperatures should be avoided.

3. Can we purchase selected ICE PACK™ Emergency Sustainment System modules?

Yes you can!

4. We are on a budget but want to be prepared for an emergency or disaster is there an ICE PACK™ Emergency Sustainment System for us?

Yes, ICE PACK developers created “Bare Essentials” for budget conscious individuals or groups.

5. Does the ICE PACK™ Emergency Sustainment System contain dependable name brand components?

Yes, ICE PACK developers opted to use many products proudly made in the USA! We packaged well known name brands that you know and trust to deliver the best performance and reliability under the worst conditions!

6. Will the contents of our ICE PACK™ Emergency Sustainment System remain dry in the event that our basement floods?

Yes they will! Our ESS’s are packaged in heavy duty 90 mil plastic containers with airtight water proof lids that are resealable. The contents are protected from high humidity, blowing rain, fog and fungus growth due to heat and moisture. For additional protection ESS products inside the containers are packed in 2mil and 4mil plastic bags further preventing all contents from being contaminated or ruined after the container is opened during foul weather conditions. Alternative larger capacity corrugated containers with plastic liner packaging are also available.

7. How do I know which ICE PACK™ Emergency Sustainment System we need?

ICE PACK Emergency Sustainment Systems are smartly packaged for Individuals (1-Person), Couples (2-Persons), Family (4-Person), Office (8-Person) and Workplace/Group (16-Person) use.

8. Do ICE PACK™ Emergency Sustainment Systems provide us with everything we’ll need to sustain ourselves during a disaster?

No. ICE PACK ESS’s go a long way towards sustaining you, your family and/or co-workers until rescue, however there are no perfect solutions. Do emergency planning, receive training, get equipped, be informed and become resilient!