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Current US State Department Travel Warnings

  • Passport. Know before you go! Make pre-travel and communication plans and get familiar with your destination and cultures you'll encounter.
  • Airplane/Airport: Become a More Savvy and confident air passenger with EXODUS and Travel Safe training.
  • Customs: Clearing Customs and immigration and understanding local laws is critical to a safe and enjoyable travel experience.
  • Camel/Pyramid: Be Prepared for crisis incidents ranging from common car/bus accidents and street crime to violent political upheavals, natural disasters and acts of terrorism.
  • Students at Train: Help Insure the Safety and Security of Students Studying Abroad. Thousands of young adults go overseas every year to the far corners of the world to enhance their education.
  • Anyone traveling for work or vacation can quickly become a part of a dangerous situation beyond his or her control.
  • Arrivals/Departures: Empowers travelers visiting potentially high risk locations, to protect and sustain themselves during a crisis or disaster.

EXODUS - Personal Crisis Incident Response and Communications System


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Learning to Travel Safe

EXODUS trainingSign up to attend an EXODUS User or Travel Safe program. Customized training is available at our Virginia facility or your location!

Travel Safety Resources

EXODUS trainingVisit the resources section for actionable information necessary for traveling abroad.


American businesses overseas are targeted more than the federal government.

A U.S. passport can be sold on the black market for anywhere between $5,000 and $25,000 USD.

Over 90% of all road fatalities occur in low and middle-income countries, which have less than half of the world's vehicles.

EXODUS™ by ICE PACK® Emergency Preparedness Systems LLC is designed to provide individuals with an immediate response capability to survive life-threatening critical incidents. This innovative system provides vital individual survival equipment and satellite communications capability via SMS text messages, email or voice in the event of evacuation during a natural, man-made, or war/terrorism related emergency or disaster. EXODUS traces its lineage to the emergency "bail-out bag" carried by military aviators for use in the event of a "hard landing".

Whether traveling across town, out in the back country or in the far reaches around the world, prepared individuals realize the potential for encountering dire emergency situations. Recent earthquakes, tsunami's, highly destructive extreme weather events, government upheavals and extremist attacks, demonstrate the reality of any modern locality becoming a dangerous, austere "third world" location in the blink of an eye! The purpose of the EXODUS system is to help you facilitate evacuation, stay alive and communicate your status and direct rescuers to your location. The ultimate objective is to reach safety by rescue, extraction or recovery.

EXODUS is scalable, modular and is comfortably carried low profile by men and women on the waist, shoulder or back. This system is easily stowed in your vehicle's glove box, office desk drawer, coat closet or travel luggage and is usable throughout the world*. EXODUS contains essential water purification and filtration, crisis communications, medical first aid, lighting, signaling, personal hygiene, fire starting equipment and specialized tools. Systems can be customized to meet specific end user requirements and various environmental regions of the world.

EXODUS Waist Pack bag
  • Discreet Custom Waist Pack in Popular Colors (S-M and M-XL)
  • SPOT GPS Satellite Messenger (optional In-Reach GPS satellite messenger)
  • Water Purification and Filtration (for up to 50 gallons of safe drinking water)
  • Collapsible 1-liter Water Bottle
  • Adventure Medical Small First Aid Kit
  • Over the Counter Medications (e.g. pain relievers, antiseptics, anti-diarrheal, antihistamines)
  • Petzl Multi-Function LED Headlamp and Strobe Beacon
  • Streamlight Handheld High Intensity Flashlight w/Neck Lanyard
  • Crunch® Multi-Tool by Leatherman
  • Compact Glass Break and Seat Belt Cutter
  • Loksak® Waterproof Bag: Currency-Passport-Cell Phone
  • Compass and Thermometer Sensor
  • Sparkie Fire Starter
  • Wetfire Tender Packages
  • StarFlash® Signal Mirror
  • WindStorm Whistle
  • Mylar Lightweight Blanket
  • 550 Parachute Multi-Strand Cord
  • Water Proof Packaging
  • Lithium Batteries for all Electronic Devices
  • High Quality Reliable Name Brand Components
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EXODUS Waist Pack bag

Coming Summer 2012!

EXODUS Waist Pack bag

Coming Summer 2012!


Travel safe with EXODUS from ICE PACK Emergency Preparedness Systems

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