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About Us

Ashbury International Group, Inc. was founded in 1995 by professionals with a decade or more of prior government security and defense industry experience, who leveraged their specialized industry knowledge into a company that has an unwavering commitment to provide state-of-the-art technical and equipment support to the many courageous Americans who protect, serve and defend the United States of America. Ashbury's Internet web presence is designed to provide our customers with an informational and interactive tool to do business with our company.

Our unique business relationships, close strategic alliances, unique engineering competencies, and technology-driven products and services allow us to continue to meet this promise, and to evolve our capabilities for a wider global community. Ashbury serves the emergency preparedness, security, government, defense, and SOF communities within the United States, and allied foreign nations. Ashbury has a broad range of experience with multi-national corporations, NGO's, local, state & federal government, security, law enforcement, military and special operations forces.

The Emergency Preparedness Division of Ashbury International Group was created as a means to provide critical information, resources, and training to those whom may inevitably encounter a disaster, or who may be called upon, or serve in the role of a First Responder. With many years of international experience, Ashbury was disheartened in the aftermaths of recent national disasters, then inspired and motivated to develop system solutions that could serve the greater good.

Ashbury works diligently and proactively to earn the trust and confidence of its customers, and to deliver innovative, value engineered products and services, with on time delivery, throughout the world. Each and every day the Ashbury staff adheres to the highest ethical standards and integrity in upholding its corporate commitment to supporting those who make great sacrifices in defense of freedom. Contact us and let us learn how we can be of service to you and/or your organization.